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Marketing Plan Writers

Marketing plan writers should realize that, marketing plan is not just an advertising, selling, or promotional document; it is more than that. It encompasses major information about your customers, market, attributes of your target audience etc. Marketing plan writers must consider the following areas for writing a marketing plan:

1. Summary

It is a brief description covering not more than a page. In this step, a marketing plan writer will highlight main points of your plan.

2. Market Analysis or Situation Analysis

It’s a detailed research of your market, your competitors, upcoming challenges for your business and opportunities existing in the industry. Your marketing plan writer will describe your customers and their behaviors in detail.  Research your market, its size and its growth. Conduct SWOT analysis of your business and assess the marketing mix elements.

3.   Building the strategy

In this section, set your objectives. Set short and long term goals for your business. Do not include over-ambitious statements which you can not achieve. Try to include simple objectives for at least one year. Break your long term goals into short term objectives, so you can check and balance your progress easily. 

4. Tactical planning

This is the tactical part of your plan; here you develop tactics to achieve your goals and objectives. In this section, you will decide what action you are taking, when you going to achieve it, what benefit you will get from it and how much it will cost you. At the end, pick the best person for each tactic, who is specialized to deal with it and give them time limit to achieve this target for your organization.

5. Budgeting

In this section, you summarize whole of the marketing plan, prepare budget for each activity, mention all the costs in order to attain total funding plan and also make timeline for each step which will be in detail telling in what time each step should be completed.

The above factors should all be covered by a professional marketing plan writer while writing your marketing plan.

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