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Financial Plan Writers

A financial plan can be described as a roadmap to the financial future of your business, based on acquired funding, potential income, expenses, and marketing strategies. 

Normally, a financial plan includes three key financial statements, which are:

• Balance sheet: It provides listed summary of assets, liabilities and capital as of a specific date, normally at the end of a fiscal year.

• Income statement: This statement is used to show profit or loss of a company over a certain period of time.

• Cash flow statement: This statement shows cash flow of your business, both incoming and outgoing.

Writing a financial plan is a dedicated job, and requires financial expertise and professional skills. It can’t get any better than writing your own financial plans, because you are in the perfect position to see every bit of your business. However, if you don’t have enough time to dedicate for writing financial plan or you lack expertise in it, it will be better to shift this responsibility to professional financial plan writers.

There are many professional financial plan writers and companies available online. You should check their qualifications and experiences; a good thing could be to look at their clients. Financial plan can be written with different approaches; if you are starting a new business, then you must present following points in your financial plan to determine:

1. Estimated funds required
2. Expected funding in coming years
3. Funds utilization
4. Best time for funding

All the above points should match your objectives, marketing and operational strategies. A financial plan is never complete without the following components:

• Balance Sheet
• Projected Profit and Loss Statement
• Projected Cash Flow Statement
• Break-Even Analysis

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