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Custom Marketing Plan

Many young and experienced entrepreneurs often come across a common question; i.e., what is a custom marketing plan?

Well, a custom marketing plan is made as per your business requirements; it includes market research, product or service positioning, target customer segment, trends and potentials.

Normally, a custom business plan writing process involves professional consultant’s input. If an entrepreneur is relatively new or running short of ideas, a professional marketing plan writer can provide following services:

• SWOT Analysis
• Competitive Analysis
• Marketing Mix Analysis
• Comprehensive marketing & selling ideas
• Estimation of funds required for marketing activities
• Projected return on investment

Obtaining advice from an experienced consultant before presenting the marketing plan in front of investors proves beneficial in many ways, such as:

• Outsiders’ views on your marketing plan
• How much and where you need to expend funds in your business
• How much money you need and when it will be rewarded in the form of profit

There are many types of marketing plans as per the different nature and requirement of business. Following elements are commonly found in a custom marketing plan.

1. Business Overview:
This is the introductory section of marketing plan which briefly describes name of organization, its mission and vision, goals and location.

2. Product / Service:
This section highlights company’s main product or service; it includes description of product line and future products as well.

3. SWOT Analysis:
This section elaborates a company’s strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats it is facing or may face in future.

4. Market and Target Audience Research:
This section provides detailed analysis of market size, growth, trends, potentials, target consumers, product positioning, marketing mix, and competition with key players.

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